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been gone for a while, but COYOTE KISSES!

Ellie Goulding, “I’ll Hold My Breath.”

I love this song. I could listen to it looping for hours.


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I feel so high I could fly
Was born to reach for the sky
Oh no, I cannot deny this feeling
And I just hope you can see
That there is no holding back in me
I’m already in motion. 

Ola Svensson, “Given to Fly.”

I’m prancing around my room. It’s 4:40am, and I can’t sleep because for the first time in my life I de-wussed a little.  It’s been two hours and I’m still skipping around. I’ll probably get crushed in a day and a half, but in the meantime I might as well allow myself this irrational, disproportionate happiness.

Too. Much. Talent. In. One. Video.


This kid is amazing.

High5: #5

  • Took a slow walk in the rain and kicked puddles. Splashysplashy! 
  • Lochte! (but so sad for Phelps. But I’m going to ignore that for now since this is, well, High5.)
  • I LOVE THIS PERSON (from sonikar).
  • Hours of flaily talking with sonikar. ^_^
  • Gave myself an exercise-day off.

High5: #4

  • Breakfast with the CEO. Whee!
  • Enthusiastic discussion of how awesome the new Esplanade playground with the zipline is. 
  • I adore my new dress. Now I have to make one just like it, but with a different print. 
  • Olympics! Time to start stalking all the swimmers and gymnasts. 
  • Friday. =)

High5: #3

  • It’s hard to get the attention of people at work sometimes because we all have headphones on. So one of my supervisors decided to get a mini nerfgun to shoot at people across the room.
  • A project milestone finished today! Whee!
  • I think I’m actually getting used to this exercise thing. Huh.
  • I am awesome at sauces. Or so I like to think. Or at least it matches my taste in food. And I haven’t made any atrocious concoctions yet.
  • The triple indoor-umbrella comparison contest above the cubicles at work. Now I must acquire an awesome umbrella.

High5: #2

  • Listened to Andrea Bocelli all day at work. Absolutely beautiful. 
  • Tech writer coming out of hiding. YAY MINIONS!
  • Making mockups in photoshop for work. Very simple mockups, but it made me realize (for the millionth time) that I really just like making things look pretty. Or sound pretty. 
  • Finally went to the library and checked out some books.
  • ERMAHGERD TRERNSLERTER amusing me all day, courtesy of ERTHERN.

Andrea Bocelli’s voice is heavenly.


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